Since Suri was born I only trust two brands for her skincare, Mustela and Uriage. Both well known and a reference in Portugal although they are French brands.

Every time I went to Portugal after Suri was born I always made sure I stocked up with both these products as it was so hard or impossible to find it here in the UK (this was 4 years ago).

As I love their Facial Cold Cream I started buying all the products from Mustela as I usually prefer to use everything from the same brand if I really like it, lucky me because this year I saw it for sale here in the UK in one of the local pharmacies here in St John’s Wood, perfection.

Shame they don’t sell here the big sizes they have in Portugal as I would prefer rather than having to keep buying it all the time but well, at least I know that I don’t need to wait until I go to Portugal to buy it.

Mustela Range

As she is not a baby anymore she now just uses the Facial Cream, Eau de Son, Shampoo, Body Lotion, and Dermo-Cleansing but I used to buy her more products from the range and fully recommend it.

The texture, smell and results make me loyal to the brand and although she is not a baby anymore I will keep usingĀ for a while.