Deliveroo Taste Tour – Win a trip to your favourite location

A taste tour delivered in the comfort of my home?? COUNT ME IN! That’s exactly what I thought (and said) when I was first presented to this fabulous initiative.

We are happy Deliveroo users both for family and office meals. At home it’s perfect for those evenings when I had a busy day at the office and have no time/patience to cook for the family or even for weekends when we don’t want to leave the house to eat something different or just want to take the most of the time together without having to spend time cooking.

The Tour has been running from October 3rd, spanning over 8 weeks. Each week a different cuisine is selected and what’s more, if you order from restaurants marked with ‘Win a Taste Tour’ tag you are in with a chance of winning a trip to a culinary capital.

We are starting the Tour on Week 4 that goes until Sunday so stay tuned tomorrow on my Instagram (stories and feed) to see our first family choice, destination Mexico – Cancun. Every weekend until the 3rd of December we will order the week’s destination food and will document it on Instagram, can’t wait to try such diverse flavours from each of the different cuisines.

Midway I will post another blog post with some extra pictures and an update on our journey so far.

Want to join the Deliveroo Taste Tour and stand the chance to win a fantastic trip? Find out how below or visit

Every week for the next eight weeks, if you order Deliveroo from any restaurant marked with a Win a ‘Taste Tour’ tag, you could be in with a chance of winning a trip to one of these incredible locations:
Week 1 – India – Delhi (CLOSED)
Week 2 – Italy – Naples (CLOSED)
Week 3 – Vietnam – Hanoi (CLOSED)
Week 4 – Mexico – Cancun
Want a taste of your favourite tacos in the sun? Order between 30th October and 5th November to try and win a trip to Mexico.
Week 5 – France – Bordeaux
Who doesn’t want to sip a French red wine in beautiful Bordeaux? If this trip is a bit of you, order from a marked off-licence between 6th and 12th November.
Week 6- Japan – Osaka
Are sushi rolls and ramen right up your street? Make sure you order between 13th and 19th November for a chance to win a trip to Japan.
Week 7 – USA – New York
The city of hamburgers and deli classics could be closer than you think. If you want to be a part of it, order between 20th and 26th November for a chance to win a trip to New York.
Week 8- Thailand – Phuket
Last stop, Thailand. For a pad thai like you’ve never tasted before, order between 27th November and 3rd December for a chance to win our last ticket on the Taste Tour.


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