LeSalon – Manicures and Pedicures at Home or Office in London

As a busy working mum I have to confess that sometimes it’s hard to find the time for myself and things like having my nails done are recurrently postponed. That’s why when I heard about LeSalon I had to try it immediately, the fact that I can book online (website and app) even with short-notice and that I can enjoy some pampering at home or at work it’s priceless and got my loyalty since the first time I used it, of course their excellent service and customer support helped as well.

As I know how busy you are as well I thought to not only share this here with you but also ask for a discount for you all to try.

You just need to book through the website or app (App Store or Google Play) and use the code SOFIA10, it will give you £10 off your first booking.

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