Happy in Monaco!

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that we spent a couple of days traveling between Italy, Monaco and France.

We only stayed around 24h in Monaco and let me tell ou that we were about to cancel the rest of the trip to be able to stay longer there.

I need to confess that I had low expectations about Monaco mostly because of a documentary I’ve watched a while ago, packed with buildings and with not much to see and do that’s what I though it would be. OMG how wrong I was.


We arrived after lunch and as it was already time to check-in we decided to first got to the hotel, leave our luggage there and then explore Monaco.

We stayed at Columbus Monte-Carlo and from the moment we arrived at the door the service couldn’t be better. The concierge took care of our car as we decided to leave it at the hotel and gave us some tips on where to go and how to get there. We then quickly left our luggage in the room and left the hotel.

We knew that we wouldn’t be able to see much in such short stay so we started walking from the hotel and enjoy the view and weather (25C).

The first nice surprise was the Port Fontvieille and its harbour, how beautiful and cozy. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to visit the Museums or the Zoological Garden but will definitely go there next time.



We then walked to Port Hercule and although there were works in preparation for the Monaco Grand Prix, it was of course as expected, full of the most magnificent yachts, beautiful.

P4060193 P4060206 P4060213

As a yacht lover, Bruno was in his dreamland! 🙂

After spending some time admiring the yachts and the amazing atmosphere we decided to walk further (Suri was very good and walked the whole time with us).

We walked past the famous Grand Prix tunnel…


And the famous Grand Prix turn… all memorable places for Bruno.


Now it was time to enter my dreamland as well… the walk to Place du Casino where is situated the Casino Monte Carlo and the Hotel de Paris couldn’t be more pleasant, luxury designer boutiques, beautiful surroundings, oh well please take me back!

P4060271 P4060272

We stopped at Cafe de Paris for some drinks and to enjoy the sunshine and views, I could see myself there everyday reading my magazines or a book and drinking a cappuccino or a glass of champagne.P4060278

P4060290 P4060294

Unfortunately as we had Suri with us we didn’t go inside the Casino but next time we want to go there.


It was time to head back to the hotel and enjoy the last sightseeing of beautiful Monaco.

P4060357 P4060358

But we still had time to enjoy a very nice and relaxed dinner at Miramar Restaurant with this beautiful view and excellent food (and drinks).

P4060371 P4060407 P4060421


After breakfast it was time to pack and leave to the next destination, Cannes.

P4070454 P4070458 P4070470

We had a wonderful time in Monaco and will definitely come back and spend more time, one day is far from being enough and there was a lot to be seen and enjoyed that we didn’t have the chance to.

In regards to hotel I would highly recommend the Columbus and we will definitely stay there again.

Something that surprised me was the fact that we found Monaco quite child-friendly, there’s playgrounds, the beach, the Jardin Animalier (Zoological Garden), Museums and I’m sure other activities that we didn’t have time to find so if visiting Monaco don’t be afraid to take your kids as I’m sure they will enjoy as well).

As a final note I need to say that I’m writing this and already feeling nostalgic about it, I loved Monaco and wish I could go back there more often. See you soon MONACO!




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