ShortStitch: The shopping service for busy parents

ShortStitch: The shopping service for busy parents. This is a very late review of this wonderful service but it took me a while to get time to edit Suri’s video.


I find ShortStitch perfect not only for busy mums but also for people who like to discover new brands and styles and want/need help from a professional to find the right style for their children.


In short words all you need to do is register (doesn’t take much time), answer some questions about age, measurements and what you like and that that’s it, you will ten receive a bow of yay at home or at your preferred location! Then you just need to try what’s inside, return the items you don’t want and pay for the ones you keep, how simple is that???


With more brands and styles being added all the time there’s no way they won’t find the right style for your little fashionistas.

Get started today, click here.


Watch the video Suri and I did when opening ShortStitch’s box 😉


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