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Keeping my weight is something that I care a lot about and take very seriously, I try to eat healthy and apart from my daily cappuccinos and chocolate (yes, I do eat chocolate everyday, it’s my addiction) I think my diet is quite good, I do eat for example cakes and cookies but in moderation. Unfortunately I don’t have time to exercise although I always did it all my life and I have to admit I was feeling much better, even with more energy.

Well everything was well until a few months ago… I started to put on weight for no specific reason, I was feeling bloated and very unhappy because there was nothing I could do about it. My diet didn’t change, I even started paying more attention to what I was eating but nothing, I kept putting on weigh, maybe it was the stress or the tiredness, I don’t know. I am 1.60m and from 56.5kg I jumped to 58 where I stayed for a few months and then suddenly jumped to 60 and even reached 61kg. And the problem was not only the weight gain, it was also the fact that I was feeling more and more bloated, it was so uncomfortable that I even considered to see a doctor. Some of the days I couldn’t even move properly specially after a day seating at the office, I was in true pain.

I didn’t consider a weight loss diet because I don’t believe in temporary diets, I believe that it is part of your lifestyle and that there’s need to be balance.

Then I’ve read something in the newspaper about a tea that was doing wonders to people, Bootea – the detox tea. Although I didn’t believe in any diet products, or teas or whatever and trust me I did try some when I was younger, I was feeling so bad that I decided to try. Unfortunately for me it didn’t work, I actually think I felt worst, I understand that maybe it works for so many other people but for me it didn’t.

I was starting to think that I had to adapt to the new reality and live with it, maybe it was just a phase that my body was going through.

Until 3 weeks ago when I was approached by TeaMi to try their detox tea, I read about it and decided to give it a try although that it was more to prove to myself that nothing could work and reinforce the experience with Bootea rather than believing that it would work.

I started to see the results after just a few days, first the bloating reduced substantially and then I went from 60kg to 59kg in a week, my diet didn’t change, unfortunately I didn’t start exercising so it must have been the tea. Now after almost 2 weeks I’ve lost 1.5Kg, no bloating what so ever and I feel much better in general, wow!


I will keep doing the 30 Day Detox (it includes the Colon and Skinny teas) and will record results. No photos will be posted because it’s just not the kind of blog post I would do and I’m not going to change that for this but I had to write about this because I love it and recommend it and it may help other people like it’s helping me.

I have a discount of 10% for my readers and followers, you just need to use the code SOFIA during checkout, it’s not much but it already helps. The tea will come from the USA but I have to say I didn’t pay any customs to get it here in the UK and they ship worldwide.

I’m sorry for the big post that is also not usual for me but I had to share this as it is indeed changing my life.

I will keep you posted about my results. My goal for now is 58Kg but of course if I can get back to 56.5Kg it would be fantastic.

If you have the same problem, I really hope this can help you. More than happy to reply to any questions, just write a comment below or if you prefer to keep it private send me an email to

Please note that although I receive some free product this is in no way sponsored by TeaMi, it’s just my honest opinion as always.






  1. January 1, 2016 / 6:58 pm

    Love hearing about this. Thank you for such a helpful and insightful post.

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