So now that the good news are out I can share with you how was the first trimester of this pregnancy.

I found out I was pregnant before Christmas as I noticed my period was late. A Clearblue pregnancy test confirmed the pregnancy, I was 2-3 weeks pregnant according with the test, meaning I was 4-5 weeks according with the 28 days cycle method used by doctors.

Everything went quite well the following few weeks until I started bleeding at around 7 weeks. First just light spotting but one day I was bleeding enough to be wearing a pad. I called the Maternity Helpline and they immediately booked me in for a scan. As St Mary’s couldn’t see me that day I was referred to Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea.

Of course I can’t tell you how much I was panicking driving on the way to the hospital fearing for the worst, could I handle another miscarriage?

I was quickly seen and thankfully there was a heartbeat, the baby was fine and there was no visible reason for the bleeding. Bruno met me there but they were so quick that when he arrived I already had good news to share with him.

Then it happened again the following week, this time the bleeding was heavier and I had pain and cramps. This time after calling the maternity helpline I was advised to call the hospital where I had been seen before directly as they would see me immediately. That’s what I did and they did see me immediately. Another journey to the hospital fearing for my pregnancy and wondering if I could handle another miscarriage.

Thankfully like before there was a heartbeat and the baby was growing fine, but there was a visible blood clot inside the uterus, although not inside the gestational sac. It’s called a Subchorionic hemorrhage (subchorionic hematoma). I was advised a lot of rest and to be really careful with lifting weights and all that, hopefully it would disappear by itself but it also could persist throughout the pregnancy. I was then booked another scan a week later as follow up.

I was on my 9th week when I had the third early scan, again thankfully everything was ok and the good news was that the blood clot was gone as well!

On the 2nd of February with 10 weeks and a couple of days I had a Panorama NIPT test booked at The Birth Company in Harley Street, together with the blood test I had a scan as well. I’ve decided to have this test and not the NHS one because I’m 39 years old and as you know the risk of chromosomal abnormalities it’s much higher (I actually didn’t know that it would increase so much) with age and I wanted a reassurance that everything would be fine with the baby in regards to that. If you ever consider doing this test I highly recommend The Birth Company, from booking to the results they were always fabulous even with all the questions I had.

They gave me printed pictures and a video!

In 10 calendar days I’ve got my result, Low Risk for everything! I was so anxious about this, it brought me piece of mind and a lot of happiness too, of course. With the results we also found out (this is included but optional) that Suri’s wish was coming true! It was a GIRL!!!!! 😉

Then to finalise the First Trimester I had my 12 weeks scan on the day we announced the pregnancy! Baby growing as expected and all seemed well!

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The 12 weeks scan meant a lot to us because it was when we found out about the miscarriage (read about it here). This time we didn’t tell Suri or even our parents about the pregnancy and of course we went alone to the scan. I will take Suri to the next one but for this one I just couldn’t do it.

General notes about the First Trimester:

  • I didn’t have morning sickness, I felt nausea throughout the day and either felt very hungry or that I couldn’t eat at all but no sickness.
  • I felt extremely exhausted up to a point that I can’t describe. I was coming from work so tired that all I wanted was to sleep and as soon as Suri was in bed I was in bed too, meaning I was sleeping around 12h and even so, feeling exhausted during the day. No energy, no joy, just like a zombie going through each day! We spent a lot of time at home during the weekends because I just couldn’t be bothered to get dressed and do whatever. I just wanted to be at home.
  • I didn’t have many cravings but I was more into salty things rather than sweets. My daily snack before getting pregnant used to include peanut butter which I loved, now I can’t stand it.
  • Because I don’t eat sugar (only in rare occasions) and I usually have low blood pressure, I felt the need to sometimes eat something with sugar as I was having regular flashlights specially in front of the computer.
  • I’ve put around 1kg during the first trimester and my bump grew a lot quicker than when with Suri.

Well, and that’s it. I think it pretty much highlights my first trimester of pregnancy.

Above all, and although very anxious and nervous, I was incredibly happy for having this opportunity and so was Bruno. 🙂

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Lots of love,