As you might have already noticed I wear sunglasses all year round and it’s not only one of my favourite accessories but also I find it more comfortable to bear the light even when it’s not sunny. Having said that I need to add that I only use sunglasses to protect my eyes from the natural light, not artificial light in an indoor environment :P.

fashion eyewear - Chanel

My latest purchase was these stunning Chanel Sunglasses and it was when I was looking for these online at the best price that I found Fashion Eyewear – Designer Glasses and Sunglasses.

Their range is huge across all the major designers and so far, for at least the sunglasses I checked, they have the best price. But you know the price is not everything you need to consider when buying online so I checked their reviews and even asked a couple of questions through their live chat to make sure I would get the best service at the best price and finally decided to move forward with the purchase.

The checkout process was easy and quick as well as the delivery, and the package arrived safely and well accommodated.

One feature that I really like on the website is the fact that you can compare your favourite sunglasses/frames and I also appreciate their price match promise.

Overall I strongly recommend them for your next designer glasses and sunglasses purchase. I’m trying it as well for my next normal glasses which I use it to work, watch TV, or when my eyes are really tired.

They currently have a discount code that gives extra 20% off, just use FASHION20 during checkout.

fashion eyewear - Chanel

If you like Chanel sunglasses you can find it here. For any other brand just go to their homepage, there’s an amazing selection for women, men as well as for kids.

Let me know in the comments if you tried it and how did it go.