I’ve been planning to write this post since Suri’s Birthday party last September but for one reason or another I kept postponing it so today is the day!

Cakes by Robin

I came across Cakes by Robin through Instagram and immediately got hooked with their cake designs, from funny to classic and elegant there was nothing they couldn’t do… and beautifully!

Then of course when I was planning Suri’s Birthday it was a no brainer that they would be on the top of my list when it came to choose Suri’s cake. The theme was Ice-cream, invitations and decorations designed specially for her by Lima Limao┬áso of course they suggested to design the cake and cupcakes based on the theme, I immediately agreed and left it with them to design it as they wanted.

Their choice of flavours is made in heaven and after long hours of indecision ­čśŤ I’ve┬áfinaly chosen┬áChocolate fudge and Red Velvet.

I wish you could have seen Suri’s face when she saw it, everything was perfect. I cannot stress enough how everything was so carefully made that it didn’t even seem real, it was too perfect to be true and a shame to even touch this piece of art, yes, it was not a cake, it was really a piece of art!

Cakes by Robin

But the best it was yet to come, the taste! Divine, yummy, delicious, there’s no words to describe it. Everyone loved and complimented it.

Cakes by Robin

Here is the┬áparty’s video:

I couldn’t recommend more Cakes by Robin so look no further no matter what the occasion or whether you are simply looking to indulge in one of your passions, Robin creates beautiful designs and unique cakes perfectly tailored to your event theme and to your tastebuds!


Cakes by Robin Cakes by Robin Cakes by Robin Cakes by Robin Cakes by Robin