As a busy working mum I find it challenging to be always ready for any occasion and although my job allows me to dress casually unless I have a formal meeting, between the school run, work and sometimes events in the evenings it’s hard to find shoes that never let me down in any circumstance.

That’s why when Marks & Spencer challenged me to try one of their new-season boots saying that it would take me day to night I had to accept it immediately!

After a visit to M&S in Kensington I had my choice, the Wide Fit Elastic Back Boots with Insolia®, love the style, they are wide which is great for my awful bunions and the heel it’s just perfect. Let me tell you in advance that so far no boot like this (or shoe whatsoever) would take me from day-to-night because I can’t stand high heels for more than a couple of hours.

To make sure I would take these boots through a hard test I picked a day when I would have a conference in the evening arriving late at home.

Here is my day:

8:50am – School drop-off

M&S Day to Night Boots

M&S Day to Night Boots

9am – Work at a coffee shop

M&S Day to Night Boots

2pm – Business meeting (casual)

M&S Day to Night Boots

M&S Day to Night Boots

3:45pm – Taking Suri to dance class

M&S Day to Night Boots

7:00pm – Business conference


M&S Day to Night Boots

M&S Day to Night Boots M&S Day to Night Boots
M&S Day to Night Boots

M&S Day to Night Boots
And the verdict is:

Impressed and a fan. M&S boots really took me from day to night and with a plus, they look great either with my casual jeans as well as with a dress!

Comfortable, stylish and excellent in quality which I believe it will make it durable as well, I can tell you that they are a must-have for any busy woman who likes to look good in any occasion without having to compromise on style and comfort!



Jeans: M&S COLLECTION Relaxed Slim Leg Jean – Light Denim

Jumper: INDIGO COLLECTION Oversized Half Sleeve Tunic

Dress: M&S COLLECTION shift dress

Coat: M&S COLLECTION PETITE Long Sleeve Trench Coat with Wool

Boots: Wide Fit Elastic Back Boots with Insolia®


I’ve been considering OTK Boots (Over the Knee – or Knee High) for a while but after trying a pair at Aldo I’m not sure if it’s really my style although I absolutely love seeing it on other people.

I always prefer when styled with short dresses and that’s maybe the reason why I didn’t buy it yet, I don’t have many short dresses, actually I don’t think I have any that I would use now.

Over the knee boots

You can also wear it with leggings or skinny jeans although I have to admit that I didn’t like to see myself with the jeans combination.

blog post.002

Below are two examples of how it can look good with jeans but I would recommend it only if you have thin legs, unfortunately I don’t, specially the thighs.

blog post.003

For me the trick is to always leave a gap between the skirt/dress and the top of the boot.

You can find OTK boots in different styles and colours and of course in a big range of prices. Here are some of my favourite so far.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 21.14.39


Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 21.18.39


Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 21.23.29


Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 21.26.09




Would love to hear your comments and your suggestions as I’m still searching for the perfect ones. 🙂

All lifestyle pictures from Pinterest.