As you may have seen on my Instagram as well as further to my previous blog post, we’ve been going on a Taste Tour with Deliveroo.

So far we’ve experienced:

  • The fun flavours of Mexico.

  • The aromatic wine of France.

  • The always favourite here at home, Japanese Sushi.

We took this opportunity to learn a bit about each country and Suri couldn’t be happier, by watching a movie or reading a book before each meal it really seems like we are experiencing the different cultures.

I have to say that there’s two main reasons why I love Deliveroo:

  1. I can have a fantastic meal in the comfort of my home (or office). This is a big plus either for those busy evening when I don’t have time (or patience) to cook or during the weekend when we don’t want to go out for lunch but still want to have a nice and different meal.
  2. The diversity of restaurants and types of food available. What’s your mood today? I’m pretty sure you will find something that you want in every occasion. Fancy a glass of champagne or wine? Easy, just get it delivered and enjoy.

This weekend we are “travelling” to America and the following we are experiencing Thai.

Want to join us on this adventure around the world? You can stand the chance to win a fantastic trip. Find out how below or click here.

Order Deliveroo from any restaurant marked with a Win a ‘Taste Tour’ tag, and be in with a chance of winning a trip to one of these incredible locations:

Week 7 – USA – New York
The city of hamburgers and deli classics could be closer than you think. If you want to be a part of it, order between 20th and 26th November for a chance to win a trip to New York.
Week 8- Thailand – Phuket
Last stop, Thailand. For a pad thai like you’ve never tasted before, order between 27th November and 3rd December for a chance to win our last ticket on the Taste Tour.

See you there!! 😉


Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by Deliveroo but opinions are my own as always. I never accept any collaboration with brands I don’t or would’t use and don’t relate to. And I always express my own opinions, either good or bad. I made a promise to myself that I would always keep my social channels true to our lifestyle and nothing will change that.



A taste tour delivered in the comfort of my home?? COUNT ME IN! That’s exactly what I thought (and said) when I was first presented to this fabulous initiative.

We are happy Deliveroo users both for family and office meals. At home it’s perfect for those evenings when I had a busy day at the office and have no time/patience to cook for the family or even for weekends when we don’t want to leave the house to eat something different or just want to take the most of the time together without having to spend time cooking.

The Tour has been running from October 3rd, spanning over 8 weeks. Each week a different cuisine is selected and what’s more, if you order from restaurants marked with ‘Win a Taste Tour’ tag you are in with a chance of winning a trip to a culinary capital.

We are starting the Tour on Week 4 that goes until Sunday so stay tuned tomorrow on my Instagram (stories and feed) to see our first family choice, destination Mexico – Cancun. Every weekend until the 3rd of December we will order the week’s destination food and will document it on Instagram, can’t wait to try such diverse flavours from each of the different cuisines.

Midway I will post another blog post with some extra pictures and an update on our journey so far.

Want to join the Deliveroo Taste Tour and stand the chance to win a fantastic trip? Find out how below or visit

Every week for the next eight weeks, if you order Deliveroo from any restaurant marked with a Win a ‘Taste Tour’ tag, you could be in with a chance of winning a trip to one of these incredible locations:
Week 1 – India – Delhi (CLOSED)
Week 2 – Italy – Naples (CLOSED)
Week 3 – Vietnam – Hanoi (CLOSED)
Week 4 – Mexico – Cancun
Want a taste of your favourite tacos in the sun? Order between 30th October and 5th November to try and win a trip to Mexico.
Week 5 – France – Bordeaux
Who doesn’t want to sip a French red wine in beautiful Bordeaux? If this trip is a bit of you, order from a marked off-licence between 6th and 12th November.
Week 6- Japan – Osaka
Are sushi rolls and ramen right up your street? Make sure you order between 13th and 19th November for a chance to win a trip to Japan.
Week 7 – USA – New York
The city of hamburgers and deli classics could be closer than you think. If you want to be a part of it, order between 20th and 26th November for a chance to win a trip to New York.
Week 8- Thailand – Phuket
Last stop, Thailand. For a pad thai like you’ve never tasted before, order between 27th November and 3rd December for a chance to win our last ticket on the Taste Tour.


As you might have already noticed I wear sunglasses all year round and it’s not only one of my favourite accessories but also I find it more comfortable to bear the light even when it’s not sunny. Having said that I need to add that I only use sunglasses to protect my eyes from the natural light, not artificial light in an indoor environment :P.

fashion eyewear - Chanel

My latest purchase was these stunning Chanel Sunglasses and it was when I was looking for these online at the best price that I found Fashion Eyewear – Designer Glasses and Sunglasses.

Their range is huge across all the major designers and so far, for at least the sunglasses I checked, they have the best price. But you know the price is not everything you need to consider when buying online so I checked their reviews and even asked a couple of questions through their live chat to make sure I would get the best service at the best price and finally decided to move forward with the purchase.

The checkout process was easy and quick as well as the delivery, and the package arrived safely and well accommodated.

One feature that I really like on the website is the fact that you can compare your favourite sunglasses/frames and I also appreciate their price match promise.

Overall I strongly recommend them for your next designer glasses and sunglasses purchase. I’m trying it as well for my next normal glasses which I use it to work, watch TV, or when my eyes are really tired.

They currently have a discount code that gives extra 20% off, just use FASHION20 during checkout.

fashion eyewear - Chanel

If you like Chanel sunglasses you can find it here. For any other brand just go to their homepage, there’s an amazing selection for women, men as well as for kids.

Let me know in the comments if you tried it and how did it go.






If you follow me on Instagram you know that Mazda kindly loaned us a CX-3 to go on a family day out two weekends ago!

As Suri loves horse riding and I had never done it before we decided to go for a family horse-riding session close to Brighton and at the same time test drive the car.

It was so much fun, we had two non-stop hours of horse riding starting at 10:30am. We were given tuition for half an hour and then we were escorted out for a short ‘Doddle’ along the nearby bridleways, then another full cycle of tuition and ‘doodle’.

After the ride we went for lunch in Brighton. Shame the weather was awful with lots of wind and rain but we still managed to have some fun.

The day ended with a smooth travel back to London enjoying the car a bit more. 😉

Now about the car as you may all be wondering, I’m far from being a car expert so I’ll focus my review on comfort and practicability as well as design of course, after all I have to admit that a big percentage of my decision when buying a car is based on interior and exterior design (don’t tell my husband please :P).


What I liked the most:

  • Although it’s a small car it had plenty of space in the front and back and even for Suri’s car seat, I have to say I was afraid it was not too comfortable but glad to say there was no reason to worry;
  • The exterior design looks modern but at the same time I think it will still be a good looking car in a few years, I hate when a car is too trendy and modern and then in a couple of year it looks old fashioned;
  • Interior looks also very nice, love the same colour stitches and details that gives the car a more refined look;
  • Driving experience was really good as well, you feel safe and comfortable driving the car, it gives you the sense of quality and pleasure;
  • Rear parking camera, a must!
  • It features a colour head-up display that shows the road speed limit as well as your current speed, this one I wish I had on my own car, find it very useful and removes the pressure of always having to look to the signs and to your speed, it also shows important driving information without shifting your attention away from the road.
  • Alerts you should you stray from your lane when driving on dual carriageways or motorways.

There’s other features that I liked having in that car like the heated seats that were life savers after the horse riding as we were freezing but those above are definitely my favourites.

In general If you are looking for a car like this in terms of size and budget I would strongly recommend the Mazda CX-3 for it’s quality, comfort and design. In any case go for a test drive and see it for yourself, I’m sure your will be as impressed as I was. As Mazda says you will never feel alone when driving a Mazda #DriveTogether.






10 days until one of the most special days of the year, the day when we celebrate Suri’s birth, 6 years ago, I can’t believe it!

But before and apologies for the massive delay I would like to share with you her Birthday Party last year, the theme was Princess Power and it was a fantastic party!

The venue could only be our favourite nursery London Nursery Schools, Bluebell Cottage.

Decorations by myself, well not completely, I bought templates online and did some DYI. All printed at home thanks to my Epson EcoTank ET-2500 (highly recommended).

The cake, cupcakes and cookies, and already for the second year because it’s the best we found so far and the guests always love it are from Cakes by Robin. They were so perfect that it was a shame to cut/eat it, but when you try it you move on from the visual experience and start a fabulous taste experience (YUMMY).

The entertainment was from Dazzle and Fizz, so much fun! We had Barbie and Ken who did an amazing job entertaining the children (and adults as well as we had a little dance too :P).

Our happy family! 😉

An even happier girl 😉

A proud mum!

And another one of our little family.

All the backdrops were from Ne Riba Events Styling.

An excited girl 😉

The Boys’ Party Gifts.

The Girls’ Party Gifts.

I have to say I enjoyed very much going through last year’s photos to write this blog post, so many good memories, so much fun!

Now I’m getting ready for the 24th again, this year I’m struggling with lack of time but this is such an important date for Suri that I just can’t miss it without a party! Will share everything on Instagram and I will really try to do a vlog like we did two years ago, you can watch it below.

To make it easier, here is the full list of suppliers, all of them highly recommended:
Cake, cupcakes and Cookies: Cakes by Robin
Venue: London Nursery Schools, Bluebell Cottage
Entertainment: Dazzle and Fizz
Backdrops: Ne Riba Events Styling
Food: M&S